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Happy New Year!

For those of you celebrating the Gregorian New Year, I wish you a happy one.  :D

Here are some safety tips for partying tonight

Because not everyone follows safety tips, you never know when they might need a hero.  Know the signs of alcohol poisoning and what to do for a drunk friend.  Have a designated driver if people will be drinking alcohol, collect funds to hire a ride, or keep tipsy people overnight.  Watch for sexual harassment and be prepared to intervene.  Think about holiday party hazards and be ready to provide first aid.

If you are a designated driver, party monitor, or host of a party with similar safety protocols, then you can reveal a verse in any open perk poem:
"Spirit of Truth"
"Testing the Metal"
"Dangerous Refuges"
"From Silica to Silk"
"The Marble and the Sculptor"
"Picking Up the Litter"
"The Golden Peaches of Peace"

For a peek at how people in Terramagne handle someone who's had too much to drink, see "Through the Haze" and "The World Keeps Spinning." Similarly, "Down New Paths" does not involve actual alcohol but does feature a similar level of disorientation.
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