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Poetry Fishbowl Report for December 6, 2016

This month's theme was "All the news is dark, so light a candle."  I worked from 1:15 PM to 5:15 AM, so about 14 hours allowing for lunch and supper breaks.  I wrote 9 poems on Tuesday and another 10 later in the week.

Participation was lively, with 26 comments on LiveJournal and another 55 on Dreamwidth.  There were no new prompters.

Read Some Poetry!
The following poems from the December 6, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl have been posted:

"Become Music Again"
"A Brief History of Heat"
"The Candle Burns Not for Us"
"Changing the Conversation"
"Dreams of New Zealand"
"The Gathering in the Grassland"
"If I Can Accept Others"
"Keep the Home Fires Burning"
"One Nation, Indivisible"
"The Sharpest Dose of Reality"
"Their Anguish Personal"
"This Infinite Light"
"Valley of the Shadow"

"The Golden Peaches of Peace" (Path of the Paladins, 5/19/15 fishbowl)

Buy some poetry!
If you plan to sponsor some poetry but haven't made up your mind yet, see the unsold poetry list for December 6, 2016. That includes the title, length, price, and the original thumbnail description for the poems still available.

Currently sponsored poems from this session have all been posted.  There were 9 donors this time: janetmiles, DW user Capriuni, DW user Redsixwing, DW user Gingicat, DW user Alatefeline, DW user Dialecticdreamer, DW user Nsfwords, Anthony & Shirley Barrette. Please welcome new donor Nsfwords.

The Poetry Fishbowl made its $200 goal, so "Their Anguish Personal" is the free epic.  We also made the $250 goal, so that's a third tally toward a bonus session.

The Poetry Fishbowl project also has a permanent landing page.
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