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Poem: "Such Agreeable Friends"

This poem came out of the June 6, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] ari_the_dodecahedron and eseme. It also fills the "happiness" square in my 5-1-16 card for the Solo Celebration Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by a pool with daisiesrockalot and ng_moonmoth. It belongs to the series An Army of One.

"Such Agreeable Friends"

Operetta was the first to ask
Dr. Syden Caermichael for
a supply of mice and rats.

She wanted them as lab animals,
but she wound up keeping
a pair of them as pets.

"They're such agreeable friends,"
she confided to Weavercreep as
Moon and Marshmallow crawled
into and out of her pockets. "Rats
don't ask questions or pass judgments.
They just want to snuggle with you."

"I see what you mean," Weavercreep said
as he fed a seaweed cracker to them.

Before long, her pair were joined
by his Warp and Weft, because
Weavercreep -- like Operetta --
enjoyed touching things.

From there it spread,
slowly but surely, through
much of the Lacuna.

With the old military regulations
lifted, now there was no reason
why people could not keep pets,
and they had their uses, from
contact comfort to sweet songs
to air quality awareness.

Mice and rats, rabbits and finches
became part of the Lacuna
alongside the humans.

It made life a little easier,
and a little happier, and
much more interesting.

* * *


"Animals are such agreeable friends -- they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms."
-- George Eliot

Pets are animals kept for pleasure instead of for practical reasons. This offers various benefits. Understand how to choose and take care of a pet.

Rats are popular pets for many reasons. Note that these social animals do better when kept in groups. Read about selecting and caring for rats.
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