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Holiday Poetry Sale Update

The Holiday Poetry Sale is officially closed, with allowances that participants can square up a day or two late if necessary due to holiday ruckus. 

I have 18 poems stacked into a planned posting order.  There may or may not be more added onto that as things settle out.

The pool has once again turned into a giant snarl of numbers and messages crossing in the mail.  O_O  I love how the pools generate lots of extra sales and postings.  I do not love the mess of numbers, and I have once again spent most of a day trying to hack through this.  I am a wordsmith, not a mathematician; numbers lead to mistakes, and mistakes make everyone unhappy.  Allow me to add that my partner Doug tried to help me with this and even he  got lost.

So the next time there is to be a pool: if you want to host one, you organize it, you carry the conversation on your blog or backchannel after the "I want to make a pool" announcement, you pick the poems with your participants, you collect the funds, and you send me ONE donation with a list of which poems it covers.

Meanwhile, I am doing pretty much what I put in the "Pools" description in the instructions for the sale: I made a list of the 7 original poems, added up their prices, added up the donations received so far, and compared the two.  We're $3.75 short of funding the last poem, which is pretty close, so yay.  There is one donor who planned to contribute but hasn't yet.  (Holidays will be holidays.)  So I've made a note of the other poems that a couple of donors said they wanted, and if more money comes in, then those will get funded and posted too.

The "extra" poems are:
"Between the Visible and Invisible" -- $29.25
"Friendships Are Like Clothes" -- $22.25
"The Best of All Instructors" -- $41.50 

If this doesn't come out exactly right , well, I've done my best and I hope the result will at least be legible.
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