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Recently we bought a bag of premium songbird mix, which is mostly sunflower seeds with a bit of safflower and peanuts.  I'm using this to mix with the cheap seed.  This morning I saw a small flock of mourning doves on the fly-through feeder, and there was a male cardinal at the hopper feeder for much of the day.

I also saw a black cat wandering the yard, with the chunky look of a tom.

The weather has been cool, wet, and drizzly.  Puddles everywhere.  In December.  When I was little, it would start snowing in November -- not counting the occasional cold snap in October which sometimes flurried -- and we'd see the ground again in March.  Sometimes a January thaw would melt some of the snow but never all of it.  This area used to be Zone 5b and is now Zone 6a.  The differences are dramatic.  Zone 5 is the south end of north, and Zone 6 is the north end of south.  It's not as big a barrier as the frost line, but close. 
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