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Poem: "Three of Us"

This poem is spillover from the November 11, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] shiori_makiba and [personal profile] janetmiles. It also fills the "feast / celebrate food" square in my 10-1-15 card for the Halloween / Samhain Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] nsfwords. It belongs to the Cassandra thread of the Polychrome Heroics series, and will make more sense if you've read "More Admirable Than Conquest" first.

Note: This is the first date for a polyfamily after their newest baby. Sexyfuntimes ensue. No likey, no readey.

"Three of Us"

One month after Shay's birth,
the midwife approves Yona for
conjugal activities again.

Troy books a hotel room
for them over the weekend.

Bryony asks Marsha Farley
to babysit all of the children.

They've been together long enough
to know that any relationship needs work,
and a triad takes more than a couple,
and it's worth every minute.

So Yona and Troy and Bryony
go on a date that weekend.

They eat dinner out at
a nice Italian restaurant that
serves family-style feasts.

They get the antipasto platter with
green and black olives, split fresh figs,
different kinds of cured meat and cheese

and the big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs
(which are easily the size of racquetballs)

and the dessert sampler with cannoli,
chocolate mousse, crème brûlée,
gelato, and delicate pizzelle.

Troy and Bryony take turns
feeding Yona and each other
and being fed by Yona
and each other.

They enjoy one glass of
Chianti Classico apiece,
which is enough to get Yona
tipsy since he hasn't had
any in almost a year.

At the hotel, the host
hems and haws over
the reservation.

"Yes, we reserved a room
with one king bed," Troy confirms.
"Yes, there are three of us."

Tipsy Yona giggles and
gropes his husband's butt.

Bryony leans over the counter,
her charms nearly spilling out
of her date-night blouse, and
purrs, "You really want us
to get that room now."

The host can't get them
out of the lobby fast enough.

They stumble into the room,
horny as teenagers, hardly able
to keep their hands off each other,

shedding clothes as they
hurry toward the huge bed.

It is Yona's turn first, because
he's really missed Troy's dick,
and Bryony warms herself up with
compersion as she watches her men.

Then it is Troy's turn, and Bryony's,
because Troy likes to be in the middle,
with Yona riding him from behind and
his face buried between Bryony's legs.

Yona falls asleep as soon as
he comes for the second time,
worn out by all the exertion, and

there is no way Troy's getting it up
for a third round, but that's okay,
because he still has two hands
and knows how to use them.

When they finish, Troy curls up
beside the snoring Yona and
Bryony spoons against his back.

This is his family, and Troy
doesn't need his superpowers
to feel like he's flying.

* * *


Highliner (Troy Carris) -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair that throws a five-o-clock shadow across his face not long after lunchtime. He is married with a wife, Bryony; and a husband, Yona. He is bisexual and bisensual. Troy is the biological father of Bryony's three daughters (ages 11, 8, and 2) and Yona's three sons (ages 14, 5, and one month). The oldest son has just entered high school and is also pursuing zetetics; he wants to work for a police department, as the demand for zeteticists far exceeds the supply there. The youngest daughter, a toddler, is fascinated by electricity and keeps trying to explore it, so all the electrical fixtures in the penthouse have child-safety covers and Troy is trying to get all the public parts of the building kitted out too. They live in the penthouse floor of the Skylark Apartment Building in Onion City, the same establishment as Groundhog.
Troy enjoys hiking and rock climbing as hobbies, always free-climbing because he dislikes the hassle of ropes. (He has an ongoing argument with a friend who's a climbing instructor: "It's not like I can fall if I lose my grip." "And what if you crack your head? You can't fly if you're out cold!")
Highliner works as a lineman for the Onion City electrical services, traveling around if necessary to deal with situations where his Flight is particularly useful. He tends to fly up to a trouble area, but usually uses a belt seat while working so that he doesn't push himself away from the pole. Sometimes he volunteers at SPOON when they need a flier or a zetetic consultant. He is currently studying zetetic theory in an attempt to expand his knowledge of electricity into true gizmology, or better yet, super-gizmology, but he's not quite there yet.
Origin: While repairing electrical lines during a storm, he was electrocuted by a power surge caused when lightning struck a nearby part of the system. Paramedics were able to revive him, and when he recovered, he had superpowers.
Uniform: For linework and most superhero tasks, he wears blue-collar work clothes. At home, he favors casual wear -- in warm weather, t-shirts with characters or slogans on them; in cold weather, flannels with fun patches on the pockets.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Family Man, Expert (+4) Lineman, Good (+2) Communication Fetish, Good (+2) Compassion, Good (+2) Strength, Good (+2) Zetetics
Poor (-2) Can't Swim
Powers: Good (+2) Control Electricity, Good (+2) Flight
Motivation: To keep watch from above.

Yona Carris -- He has fair skin, golden-brown eyes, and wavy brown hair clear down to his butt. He is of Jewish heritage but not observant, a refugee whose family escaped from Israel when he was a toddler, because his older brother developed Healing powers. Because of his family's traumatic background Yona is sensitive about how badly Israel treats soups in particular and gentiles in general. He teaches part time at a school for at-risk children.
Yona has a husband and a wife, Bryony. He is homosexual and bisensual. He is the biological mother of three sons (ages 14, 5, and one month), plus a social parent of Bryony's three daughters. He's never managed to lose all the baby fat before getting pregnant again, and doesn't care that it makes him a little squashy. (His wife and husband think it's adorable.) Unlike the common tendency for soup pregnancies to be difficult and/or delicate, Yona's superpowers make his easy and safe. He enjoys being pregnant. They don't know yet whether either of his sons will inherit his superpower (or a different one). While on paternity leave, he is the househusband, and even while working he does a lot of the cooking and other homemaking. They live in the penthouse floor of the Skylark Apartment Building in Onion City, the same establishment as Groundhog.
Origin: As far as anyone knows, Yona was born with the potential for Male Pregnancy, although it did not become physically obvious until he conceived for the first time. (Surprise!) The Super-Immunity came from the Aegis vaccine base.
Uniform: While pregnant, Yona consistently wears t-shirts that advertise the fact. His favorites include "Under Construction," "Loading ... Please Wait," "I grow people! What's your superpower?" and "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!" modified with fabric pen to read "I'm not fat, ^ AND I'm pregnant!" Otherwise, he tends toward funny daddy t-shirts.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Nurturer, Expert (+4) Teacher, Good (+2) Cooperative Games, Good (+2) Cuddler, Good (+2) Emotional First Aid, Good (+2) Endurance, Good (+2) Mediator,
Poor (-2) A Shonda for the Goyim, Israel!
Powers: Good (+2) Male Pregnancy, Average (0) Super-Immunity
Motivation: Raise children to become good citizens.

Bryony Carris -- She has fair skin, green eyes, and straight brown hair that hangs just past her shoulders. She is left-handed. She is heterosexual and bisensual. Carris is her family name; her two husbands Yona and Troy both took her name, as she was already established in business and is the dominant spouse anyhow. Bryony is the biological mother of three daughters (ages 11, 8, and 2), and also a social parent of Yona's three sons. They live in the penthouse floor of the Skylark Apartment Building in Onion City, the same establishment as Groundhog. Bryony is a businesswoman who does consulting for SPOON to help manage some of the projects they use to make money for supporting their activities.
Qualities: Master (+6) Businesswoman, Expert (+4) Assertive, Expert (+4) Head of the Household, Good (+2) Dexterity, Good (+2) Fighting Fair, Good (+2) Orchid Breeder, Good (+2) Wealth
Poor (-2) Messy

Marsha Farley -- She has fair skin, brown eyes, and short curly white hair. She has four children and twelve grandchildren, with her first great-grandchild on the way. Her husband passed away a couple of years ago, and she still misses him very much. So Marsha keeps busy with her neighbors instead. She has a one-bedroom apartment in the Skylark Apartment Building where Groundhog lives.
Qualities: Master (+6) Homemaker, Expert (+4) Grandmother, Good (+2) Lovingkindness, Good (+2) Needs Little Sleep, Good (+2) Puzzle Books
Poor (-2) Widow

* * *

Bisexuality is an attraction to both men and women. Some studies suggest that bi men may make better lovers and fathers. Despite this, they are often closeted and overlooked.

Polyamory is a family structure of multiple partners. An advantage for bi poly folks is the option to have both male and female partners at the same time, and conversely, bisexuals can be the glue that holds polyamory together. However, these relationships take extra work, so don't try this if you're not into the maintenance part of romance.

Family style dining (aka English service) involves sharing dishes instead of everyone ordering a separate entree. It's basically the same way most folks eat at home, especially at holiday feasts, just in a restaurant. Some ethnic restaurants, such as Indian and Chinese, customarily serve food this way. Sharing food promotes socialization and bonding, particularly when people start feeding each other. There are many restaurants that offer family style options or complete menus. Among my favorites is the Italian chain Buca di Beppo, where the small orders serve 2 and the large 4, and they have tables for up to 18 people.

This droolworthy display is the antipasto platter that the Carris family orders. They demolish that and move on to a big platter of spaghetti and meatballs. The dessert sampler features several Italian desserts and pastries.

Chianti is an Italian wine that pairs well with spaghetti and other dishes.

Bryony's date night outfit resembles this one, although Bryony is bustier than the model in the picture.

Compersion is the feeling of pleasure derived when one's significant other has fun with someone else. It is the opposite of jealousy.

Sex after childbirth may require a little extra forethought. However, a healthy marriage requires time away from the kids, so it's important to make arrangements like this. Going out is a very sensible option when there are many little ones underfoot.
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