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Among the magazines I write for is Communities, the flagship of the Fellowship for Intentional Community. Some of my articles have been reprinted online; to read those, check out my author page. I have found this magazine very useful in describing the stronger community spirit that makes Terramagne so appealing.

Like a lot of good things, that magazine is now struggling for survival. You can help by subscribing, boosting the signal, or various other ways.

Dear friend of Communities magazine,

I’ll cut to the chase: Communities, that stalwart chronicler of the
communities movement since 1972, is on the chopping block—at least as a
print publication, and perhaps in all forms. To survive, we need a very
substantial, “all-hands-on-deck” step-up in support through
subscriptions, back issue and compilation orders, and donations.
(Advertising and issue sponsorships help too.) Failing adequate financial
support, the board of the Fellowship for Intentional Community may be
making the difficult decision to pull the plug sometime in the near
future, putting an end to the preeminent publication focused on
cooperative culture in North America and worldwide.

We are heartbroken to share this prognosis, but want to provide you a
chance to make it different. You canmake the outcome different, in
concert with the many other people who believe in the magazine and, we
hope, will want to help it survive when they learn that it is in serious

If, within the coming weeks, 200 people or groups each spend $50 to $100
on subscriptions/gift subscriptions/orders/donations, and 20 send $500 to
$1000 or more our way—or we receive equivalent amounts of financial
support in other forms—we can stave off Communities’ demise and in
fact assure its continuation. We all know it deserves to continue. But the
financial reality is harsh, not only for the magazine but for its parent
organization, the Fellowship for Intentional Community, also stretched
thin in its efforts to respond to its mission in the world.

Communities, the FIC, and the communities movement itself are needed now
more than ever in light of the legion of challenges we as a species face.
Cooperation is part of the answer to almost any problem that confronts us.
By sharing stories of cooperation, of new ways of living together that
promise a healthier future for our planet and its people, of cutting-edge
experiments in what it will take to survive and even thrive collectively,
and of the accumulated wisdom of generations of communities and
communitarians, the magazine makes an essential and enduring contribution
to the culture change we all recognize is necessary.

If you support us financially at this time, and we cannot follow through
with the issues and subscriptions you’ve ordered, we will offer refunds.
But our strong hope is that this “SOS” to those who have been with us
over the years can precipitate a turnaround in our balance sheet, and that
you will have not only our gratitude, but Communities magazine’s
continued existence and future flourishing, as a reward for your support
of this unique publishing venture.

You can subscribe and order gift subscriptions here, donate directly to Communities here, or give to FIC’s general Fall Fundraising campaign here. Thank you for anything you can do.

Chris Roth
Editor, Communities
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