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Donor Alert: PayPal Announcement


PayPal has changed its information handling.  It used to give the buyer's mailing address to the seller routinely;  now it will not.  Buyers now have to give explicit permission for that information to carry through.  This is good for privacy, but bad for connection.  

I've been using PayPal to record mailing addresses for my donors.  This means, at the end of the year, they're ready for me to mail out the year-end perks like the bookmarks and the collections.  (This does not affect the electronic  perks; some k-fans get file copies instead of hardcopies, and e-perks only need an email address.)  I don't have time to chase dozens of addresses, and the response rate of filling in the few gaps has been low.  

So if you want your hardcopy year-end perks, make sure you tell PayPal that it's okay to send me your snailmail address, or else do that yourself.  Otherwise, I'm likely to make one attempt to fill the gaps and then quit, which will not surprise me if it leads to sending out significantly less stuff.  You absolutely have a right to keep your physical location to yourself; just understand the pros and cons of that choice.
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