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Unsold Poems from the December 6, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl

The following poems from the December 6, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl are currently available. Poems may be sponsored via PayPal -- there's a permanent donation button on my LiveJournal profile page -- or you can write to me and discuss other methods.

There are still verses left in the linkback poems "Thinking River Thoughts" "The Marble and the Sculptor," "Picking Up the Litter," and "The Golden Peaches of Peace."  Linking to this page will reveal new verses in whichever poem you request.

"Always Repay the Cost"
A DW prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Always Repay the Cost." When Fiddlesticks is mortally injured, Stan and Lawrence go to visit him in the hospital. Lawrence reminds Hefty of the IOU from Dr. Infanta, who comes to put Fiddlesticks back together. Because Stan is trying to distract himself from a miserable situation that he can't do much to fix, this poem also includes a pretty good look at the soothing structure of T-American hospitals.
650 lines, Buy It Now = $325
When Stan got word that Fiddlesticks
was in the Freeman Family Hospital
and not likely to leave it alive, he went
right over to Lawrence's house, and
then both of them went to visit.

"Become Music Again"
Your music prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Become Music Again." After Shiv gets out of prison, Boss White gives him a saxophone, and plays "Mack the Knife" as an example of what Shiv can learn to do.
280 lines, Buy It Now = $140
After Shiv got out of prison,
Boss White made sure that he
didn't have too many chances
to get into more trouble.

Inside of a week, it drove him nuts.

"Black Mollies"
"Black Mollies" is a free-verse poem in which Buttons dumps her son Jaxon on Shiv for babysitting. Shiv panics, and calls Dr. G, which is a good thing. Fluff and angst ensues.
946 lines, Buy It Now = $473
Shiv's current schedule included
workouts every weekday, music lessons
and practice, then a movie on most weekends.
In between those, Boss White assigned him
a little deskwork and a lot of whatever else
needed to get done around the lair.

For the most part, it was tolerable
now that Shiv wasn't stuck at a desk
for the entire day. Sometimes, though,
Boss White asked for things that Shiv
was in no way prepared to do.

"If I Can Accept Others"
Your prompt about the smallest light inspired the free-verse poem "If I Can Accept Others." Shaeth and Trobby talk about acceptance.
59 lines, Buy It Now = $20

"The Gathering in the Grassland"
Your dragon prompt inspired the free-verse poem "The Gathering in the Grassland." It has an up-and-down arc as the refugees try to rebuild some semblance of civilization, only to attract yet more dragons.
113 lines, Buy It Now = $57
The refugees streamed out of
the ruins of their cities:

the Madhusudana flew
from lost Shaunaka as it
crumbled from its cliffs

"A Letter to King Moonracer"
A Dreamwidth prompt inspired the free-verse poem "A Letter to King Moonracer." It's possible to have a merry autistic Christmas, but sometimes it takes help from an unusual source.
72 lines, Buy It Now = $36
Billy's mother dragged him
to see Santa Claus, but it wasn't
fun like she said it would be.

He hated Santa Claus and
he hated Christmas because
everything was too loud and too bright
and too stinky, so then he had a meltdown
which got him in trouble with his parents

"A Slow Ripening Fruit"
A Dreamwidth prompt inspired the free-verse poem "A Slow Ripening Fruit." Dr. Bloch asks Shiv to help him convince other inmates that jicama is worth eating. Shiv realizes that spending time around other people doesn't always suck.
444 lines, Buy It Now = $222
The prison was changing.
Even Shiv couldn't help noticing.

Acting Warden Lincoln wasn't
just easier to get along with and
a lot more fair than Daley had been.
He actually wanted to fix things

"Whatever Falls on Them"
"Whatever Falls on Them" is a free-verse poem about the emotional fallout from Shiv's attempt at babysitting. Poor guy, he's still freaked out even after Jaxon leaves. Fortunately Dr. G knows how to handle this too.
336 lines, Buy It Now = $168
After Buttons had left with Jaxon,
it took a while for Shiv to settle down
and soothe his shattered nerves.

He hugged his pillow and paced
around his apartment and stepped on
a Lego and yelped because he had
forgotten to put the damn things away
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