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Furnace in Progress

The new furnace guys arrived bright and early this morning.  They're almost done  already.  And the new furnace requires a smaller power line, fewer amps, than the old one: more oomph, more efficient, so less energy.  \o/

EDIT 5 PM 12/14/16: Furnace is installed and working.  Regrettably the new thermostat is a computer.  No buttons at all anymore, just a computer.  *sigh*  I miss when things had dials and buttons that were simple and easy to use.  It alarms me how much of the world is turning into computers, because many people are not good with computers.  That reduces functionality. When it's an entertainment device such as a television, this is merely inconvenient and annoying; I don't need  a television.  I do need a thermostat, and having one that is quite likely to malfunction if I ever touch it -- if I could make it work at all -- is nerve-wracking.  I resent the tide of technology taking away formerly ubiquitous solutions that are perfectly possible to make, people just don't bother anymore.
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