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Dragon Fruit

Today I tried a red-skinned white-fleshed dragon fruit, labeled as a product of Vietnam.  This one was a little sweet-tart but still had very little flavor; perhaps a bit like kiwi crossed with cucumber.  The flavor is crisp yet tender, with tiny crunchy black seeds.

The previous one I tried was the rarer red-skinned red-fleshed dragon fruit.  That one had almost no flavor, but similarly interesting texture.  I loved the spectacular color.

I have not yet tried the rarest type, yellow-skinned white-fleshed dragon fruit.  It is said to be the sweetest kind, so of course, now I want to try the fool thing.

I seem intrigued with these things all out of proportion to their flavor.  I know that I find the vivid pinkish-red, dragon-scaly rind ridiculously appealing.  The flesh is unobjectionable but not exciting.  Yet I love its colors too, the super-saturated red, the vivid white speckled with black seeds.  They're just fun.  Dragon fruit is ridiculously expensive; I think the first one was $8 or so.  They're also pretty big.  Whole, it fills my two (rather small) hands.  Peeled, it yields about as much flesh as two peaches or three kiwis.  Apparently, dragon fruit is also very nutritious.  Possibly this contributes to my instincts latching onto them, despite the "meh" report from the taste buds.  Since my taste buds like everything from cheap canned black olives to truffle cheese, we may conclude they are not the most sensible of my sensory apparatus!

I keep wanting to chop this stuff into a fruit salad.  It would look so pretty.  I'm thinking the red would go best with peaches and red-fleshed plums, because it bleeds like crazy.  Seriously, you could use the juice as a fabulous natural food color. It's about the same tone as beet juice.  The white seems like an ideal complement to kiwi fruit, particularly if both green and yellow kiwis could be obtained at the same time.  Either would probably work well in a melon medley, too.  I like fruit salad and fruit platters with striking combinations of colors.  Dragon fruit has also been recommended for use in smoothies and sorbets.

Anyhow, if you get a chance to try dragon fruit, give it a go just to say you have.  :D  People with a strong visual input and/or fondness of tender-crisp texture will probably like it, as will those who find many fruits too sweet.  If you make a lot of smoothies, seriously consider it just for the color and perhaps nutrition.
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