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Poem: "Dreams of New Zealand"

This poem is spillover from the December 6, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] shiori_makiba, [personal profile] nsfwords, [personal profile] mdlbear, and Shirley Barrette. It has been sponsored by Shirley Barrette.

"Dreams of New Zealand"

As often as Carla could,
she went out into the night
and looked up at the sky.

Most of time it was because
she just liked stargazing.

Sometimes it was because she
needed the reminder that no matter
how much her day had sucked,
there were still beautiful and
wonderful things out there

and all she had to do to see
one of them was look up.

Carla went outside on
soft, warm, gentle nights
in summer when the clouds
made haze over the moon

and on cold, clear nights
in winter when meteors
splintered the darkness.

She dreamed about
the Southern Cross
even though she had
never seen it herself.

On the night of the solstice,
Carla covered her hearth fire
and blew out her candles;

in the morning, when the sun
had returned, she took a flame from
the ritual fire that had been kept burning
over night to bring the new light into her home

because sometimes you have to put out
all your lights and rely on the community
around you to relight your fires.

Carla didn't know what rituals
they did in New Zealand, but she
had heard they were big on community
and the Maori even had a tribal system
to tie their families together.

When America got restless
and Carla wondered if it would
hold together or break apart like
a poorly made ship in a storm,

she would look out her window
and dream, again, of New Zealand.

In the darkness, it was her candle:
she could go there if ever she needed to.

* * *


Stargazing is a fun hobby.

New Zealand is an island nation. The Maori people there still have a strong tribal culture.
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