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Heating Update

We have a lovely large pile of firewood outside, mostly oak.  So we can use that when we have energy to build a fire again.

Today someone arrived from a different heating/cooling company.  He said he'd be here on Sunday at 1:30 and it was literally 1:30 when he called to tell us he'd arrived.  Color me impressed.  He took measurements to see about replacing the piece of shit heat pump etc. with something better.  So we're considering options for that.  Also I got to spend an hour playing carpenter's helper while we measured the inside of the house to estimate square footage and discussed possibilities.

He mentioned having a laser measuring tape that he didn't have with him, which sent me into at least five minutes riffing on what could be done with that.  The hardest thing about that tech is just making something that will measure distance with light.  I looked these up and discovered that most of them just measure one line of distance, although there are laser levels with XYZ capability.  The higher end models will do calculations for area/volume, which is what I was thinking as useful.
What they need to do is add the XYZ feature, so that you have a handheld light-driven geometric computer.  You should be able to, for example, wave it at a furnace and get the dimensions of that device, wave it at a house and capture that volume, then correlate with stored parameters of available hardware to spit out which units would fit.  *wistful sigh*  In T-America, the simple laser measures are handed out like penlights as promotional swag.  Professionals can get the geometric version at a reasonable price.

Anyhow, for whomever has been reminding  the Universe to take care of the bard: thank you, it seems to be helping.  <3
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