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Poetry Update

The half-price sale in Shiv is doing great. I started with 15 poems and have sold 12, so there are 3 left. There's a little money in the general fund, too.  Thank you all for being so awesome.  You are made of solid chocolate, 24k-gold-plated WIN!

The current tally is $948.98. :D 3q 3q 3q !!!! So I'm adding a couple of stretch goals: If the tally breaks $1000, I'll post a small epic for free. If the sale actually sells out the remaining three poems, I'll free up one of the mega epics.

EDIT 11/27/16: Due to the holiday rush and the late-added stretch goals, I'm extending the sale through Monday, November 28.

Sponsored and posted:
"Moments When the World Is Made Whole"
"The Law of Life"
"Good-For-Nothing Thoughts"
"To Suffer the Selfishness"
"Vindication of Right"
"The Best Time for Something Juicy"

Sponsored but waiting to post:

"His Capacity for Self-Redemption"
"Unless You Are Prepared"
"Silent and Vital"
"The Purpose of Power"
"Leaving and Not Knowing"

Extras sponsored and posted:
"Transform Common Days"
"Centered on Food and Family"


Extras sponsored but waiting to post:
"Make Their Own Boxes"
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