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Thanksgiving Post

We have guests for Thanksgiving, so I expect to be away from my computer for much of the day.  I am thankful for time to spend with my family.  We're going to cook the feast together, which is one of my favorite activities.  <3

We still have no furnace; the repair service is just indifferent to our survival needs.  But we have a woodstove, which keeps at least part of the house inhabitable.  I am thankful for fault tolerance.

I've also gotten a bunch of donations and pledges this evening for the half-price poetry sale in Shiv's thread..  I'll catch up with the posting when I have time, probably Thursday night or Friday.  I am thankful for my wonderful audience, your inspiration, your support, and your feedback!

Birds have been clustering around the feeders again.  I'm thankful for a big yard and lively wildlife to watch.

I'm following the protests at Standing Rock.  Remember, tribes are sovereign nations, at least on paper.  In practice, the genocide continues.  So if you're looking at cute Thanksgiving decorations made by white people, realize that right now people are using dogs, water canons, tear gas, and other weapons on Lakota and their allies.  I'm thankful for the warriors putting their lives on the line to protect their land and our water.  Mitakuye oyasin.

Other folks are posting their thanks on blogs and other services.  I'm thankful to see people taking a moment to appreciate what they have.

What are you thankful for?
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