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Half-Price Sale: Shiv

The half-price sale has SOLD OUT!  Thank you all so much.

Holiday note:
Due to family activities on Thanksgiving, I expect to be away from the computer much of the day.  That means I may not be posting sponsored poetry until Thursday night or Friday morning.  I'm marking poems in the sale list as donors tell me what they want and I have time to edit here.  "Hold" means someone has stated intent to buy something or I've given them a batch to shop from.  "Sold" means it's paid for.  If Thursday is your only possible poetry-shopping time, go ahead; but it's easier to avoid pileups of several people wanting the same thing if you send donations when I'm at the keyboard and can update the list.  Ideally, aim for Thursday night after you see me reactivate, or Friday.

This week, the poetry in the Shiv thread of the Polychrome Heroics series is on sale for half price from Monday, November 21 through Sunday, November 27. This series is superhero fantasy and the thread focuses on a young supervillain. It features themes of trauma, recovery, law and disorder, coming of age, power dynamics, trust and distrust, identity, diversity, family of choice, friendship, and cultural engineering. Sale prices range from $30.50 to $236.50, so hopefully there will be something for everyone. There are two open epics at present, both in Polychrome Heroics, so it's possible to open a new one.

We are repeating the special discount for purchases of $100 or more, in which you get poetry at 25% of its original price instead of 50%. (Note that this increases the amount of poetry you get, rather than reducing the amount of money spent; the point is to get this stuff off of my desk. Yes, I can afford it.) That size of donation also makes you a k-fan which comes with some other perks, like a year-end collection of a poetic series. If several folks want to bundle their orders to make the $100 threshold and have one person send it all, that's okay; you'll get the discount and I'll list all your names as donors, but you'll have to decide amongst you who gets the k-fan credit.

Some of the poems are in sequence of related action, so in places there are prerequisites before a poem can be published. They can be sponsored at any time, just might have to wait for publication until something else gets posted first. Those are marked accordingly. I have also made lists of poems which unlock sequels, and poems which have prerequisites.

Linkback perk: The following poems have verses left to reveal. Boost the signal for this half-price sale and tell me which poem you want to extend.

"Thinking River Thoughts"
"The Marble and the Sculptor"

About characters and storylines: The storylines feature multiple characters, so if you want poems about ONE specific character, look closely. The thumbnail descriptions here give some indication who features in each poem. The storyline pages are adding precise, complete information about which characters appear in each poem. If you need more than what's already visible, you can ask me.

About timing: If you want maximum choice, shop early. We usually send a batch of things to my parents near the end of a sale.

Before placing your order, please check this sale page to see what is still unsold! I will try to update the page as things sell, and it's likely to be the case that some poems will be marked SOLD before appearing in posts. People often buy things in batches, which means that selling gets ahead of posting. Also sometimes people ask for the same thing at the same time, so that not all overlaps are preventable. If you have alternate instructions in case you request something that has just sold, please include that in your message; otherwise I'll email you back and ask what you want to do.

Currently available are the following poems. Some are in series chronological order, and others are just kind of stuck wherever, because sequencing Polychrome Heroics is like trying to sequence a dozen different comic book titles from the same publisher. I have fans working on touching up the organization; for now, see the rough draft of the Storyline Guide and the thread page for Shiv.

Poems that unlock sequels: "Good-for-Nothing Thoughts," "To Suffer the Selfishness," "Unless You Are Prepared," "Silent and Vital," "Leaving and Not Knowing"

Poems that have prerequisites: "The Best Time for Something Juicy," "His Capacity for Self-Redemption," "Silent and Vital," "Leaving and Not Knowing," "To Feel Safe in This World"
Note that "Best Teach It to Dance" and "The Most Serious Occupation of Manhood" occur considerably later than the other poems about Shiv, after his release from prison.  They would probably make more sense posted after this other stuff, but by now you know the story line enough to post them if you want them that badly.


15 poems, $3727.50 ÷ 2 = $1863.75
prices from $30.50 to $236.50

"Moments When the World Is Made Whole"
Summary: Travis takes Shiv out to the exercise yard. They have some ups and downs, but it mostly goes well.
436 lines, was $218, sale price $109   SOLD    for daisiesrockalot (paid) and technoshaman (paid)

"The Law of Life"
Summary: Travis realizes that things are changing, not just for him subjectively, but in the ways that he interacts with his coworkers and the inmates.
396 lines, was $198, sale price $99   SOLD    for daisiesrockalot (paid) and technoshaman (paid)

"Good-For-Nothing Thoughts"
Shiv's head is already in bad space the day after Warden Daley harasses him, and then he gets called to the Safety Office to talk about what happened.
610 lines, was $305, sale price $152.50   SOLD    ng_moonmoth (paid) and technoshaman (paid)

"To Suffer the Selfishness"
Summary: Dr. Bloch decides that since previous measures to discourage drug smuggling and abuse have failed, it's time to try a different approach. The Peckerwoods learn that he really is not a safe person to piss off.
620 lines, was $310, sale price $155   SOLD    for daisiesrockalot (paid) and technoshaman

"Vindication of Right"
Summary: Warden Daley reaps the consequences of his poor decisions.
275 lines, was $137.50, sale price $68.75   SOLD    to daisiesrockalot (paid), technoshaman, (paid), and clockworklady (paid)

"The Best Time for Something Juicy"
Summary: Dr. Bloch teaches Shiv about fruit.
946 lines, was $473, sale price $236.50   SOLD    for Anthony & Shirley Barrette (paid)
Available for posting after "Through Infirmity of the Flesh" and "Good-for-Nothing Thoughts" have been sponsored and published.

Summary: Tolliver brings some new materials for Shiv to explore in the craft room.
392 lines, was $196, sale price $98   SOLD    for Anthony & Shirley Barrette (paid)

"His Capacity for Self-Redemption"
Summary: Dr. Bloch teaches a CPR class at the prison.
888 lines, was $444, sale price $222   SOLD    daisiesrockalot (paid), technoshaman
(paid), and ng_moonmoth (paid)
Available for posting after "To Suffer the Selfishness" has been sponsored and published.

"Unless You Are Prepared"
Summary: Shiv receives a call from Dr. G, along with the Finnlings who are curious about his art.
132 lines, was $61, sale price $30.50    SOLD  to janetmiles (paid)

"Silent and Vital"
Summary: Shiv goes to Dr. Bloch for a checkup before moving back to the standard wing.
654 lines, was $327, sale price $163.50 SOLD    for Anthony & Shirley Barrette (paid)
Available after "Unless You Are Prepared" has been sponsored and published.

"The Purpose of Power"
Summary: When Shiv wears himself out dealing with people, Ambrose pulls him into a quiet room. They discuss the purpose of superpowers.
370 lines, was $185, sale price $92.50   SOLD    for Anthony & Shirley Barrette (paid)

"Leaving and Not Knowing"
Summary: Mr. Vanburen helps Shiv leave his cell in the private wing.
146 lines, was $73, sale price $36.50    SOLD   to janetmiles (paid)
Available after "Unless You Are Prepared" and "Silent and Vital" have been sponsored and published.

"To Feel Safe in This World"
Summary: Shiv and Dr. G discuss the challenges of Shiv returning to the standard wing.
374 lines, was $187, sale price $93.50   SOLD   to EdorFaus (paid) and clockworklady (paid)
Available for posting after "Unless You Are Prepared," "Silent and Vital," and "Leaving and Not Knowing" have been sponsored and published.

"Best Teach It to Dance"
Summary: Graham takes Shiv out to a faire and Shiv has to cope with being around a lot of people.
694 lines, was $347, sale price $173.50   SOLD   to EdorFaus (paid) and clockworklady (paid)

"The Most Serious Occupation of Manhood"
Summary: Dr. G visits Blues Moon and meets Boss White face to face for the first time.
532 lines, was $266, sale price $133   SOLD   to EdorFaus (paid) and clockworklady (paid)
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