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Poem: "Feeding Bluebirds"

This is the freebie for the November [community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] alexseanchai. It belongs to the series Walking the Beat.

"Feeding Bluebirds"

In early spring, Dale and Kelly
drive out to the country to help
a lesbian birdwatching club
establish a bluebird trail
at a relative's farm.

They build birdhouses
and attach them to posts
all along a fencerow.

They also build birdfeeders
designed to exclude larger birds
and reserve the tasty mealworms
for the intended bluebirds.

Dale is handy with a hammer,
although the uneven ground
makes it difficult for her to walk
even with a spike stuck on
the end of her titanium cane.

The bluebirds watch
with interest, and Kelly
points them out to people.

The lesbians laugh and chat
with each other as they work.

The singles flirt, and
the couples steal kisses.

They understand that happiness
is not something that can be bought,
but it can be courted if you nourish it
and make a place for it in your life,

like a trail for bluebirds.

* * *


Eastern Bluebirds are native to the Boston area, although they prefer wild areas and rarely come closer than the outer suburbs. You can help them by building houses and establishing a bluebird trail. Here's a picture of the lesbian trail.

Feeding bluebirds is another way to attract them. You can browse different feeders to buy or make your own. The lesbians are putting up post feeders like this one.

The original prompt called for counteracting the Dead/Evil Lesbian and Gayngst tropes. Stop-trope. Stop, trope, stop! Stop, I say! Die, die, DIE.

Bluebirds traditionally symbolize happiness. Spending time in nature also improves mood.
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