Elizabeth Barrette (ysabetwordsmith) wrote,
Elizabeth Barrette

Net down - fishbowl processing delayed

Good morning! This is JanetMiles on Ysabet's behalf. As of 4 pm Central time Thursday, November 10, her ISP implemented an upgrade (UPGRADE = Undoing Perfectly Good Reliability And Delivering Evil) which has knocked her, as well as many other customers, offline.

Fishbowl processing will be delayed until things are working again.

Ysabet is continuing to write, because she has the previously emailed prompts. However, she can't post either new thumbnails or sponsored poetry, send prompter copies, or acknowledge payments. Payments sent will be stored in PayPal, but she will have no way of knowing anything is there until the net comes back up.

Please wish her luck, and she hopes to see you soon.
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