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We Voted

We went to early voting today. \o/  So now I don't have to hack an hour out of fishbowl morning.

Have you voted? Are you planning to vote? When you have voted, you may claim a verse in any open perk poem.

There are still verses left in the linkback poem "Thinking River Thoughts." Linking to this page will also reveal a new verses in whichever poem you request.  "Unfamiliar Feelings," "Tour Guides for All of Knowledge," "The Tornado Blew Away," and "È Meglio Star Solo"  are now complete!

As a private citizen, I often argue for things I believe in. As a journalist, when I'm promoting the election as a democratic process, I just encourage people to make informed decisions and to vote their conscience. Since I'm good at compiling information, here are some resources:

Register to Vote

Election Dates & Deadlines

Directory of U.S. Political Parties

2016 Presidential Candidates
U.S. Senate Candidates
Congressional Candidates
Governor Candidates

Federal / State / Local Elections

How to Form Your Political Stances
How to Research Candidates
How to Vote

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