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Saturday Yardening

Today I planted 10 'Shirley' foxgloves in the forest garden, wildflower garden, and bone garden.  These are from my parents. :D  

Thursday, I forgot to mention, I started planting the 50 blue grape hyacinths, but I still have plenty of those left. 

Something is blooming with small yellow flowers in the wildflower garden.  It has lanceolate leaves.

EDIT: I planted more of the blue grape hyacinths near the log seat between the wildflower garden and the prairie garden.  That close to the log usually doesn't get mowed, so they'll be visible but fairly well out of the way.

While I was planting, a red-bellied woodpecker squeaked and squawked in the trees overhead, occasionally drumming on the branches.  :D  We have several different species of Illinois woodpeckers here, varying over time.
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