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Poem: "Like the Back of Your Hand"

This is the freebie for the October 18, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from my_partner_doug, who is originally from Detroit.

"Like the Back of Your Hand"

If you live in Michigan, then
you know it like the back of your hand,
because you can always hold up
your left hand and point to where
you live in the Mitten.

Then there are the Yoopers,
who turn both palms up to map
the whole state, and have
nothing left to point with.

* * *


This is a standard map of Michigan, and this is an outline of what they call "the hand map," because the lower peninsula looks like the back of a left hand.  It has some variations.

Yoopers are people from the upper peninsula, and their hand map looks like this.  The rivalry between upper and lower peninsula is a key feature of the state, and since the prompt came from a Detroit native, I put in a little tweak at the UP which riffs on some things people have said in articles about the hand map.

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, free stuff, poem, poetry, reading, weblit, writing
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