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Monday Update 10-3-16

These are some posts from the later part of last week in case you missed them:
Sunday Yardening
Nature Party Today
Unsold Poems from the September 6, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl
Read "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to New Orleans" by Siliconshaman
Poetry Fishbowl Report for September 5, 2016
Friday Yardening
Here Lies Butch
Technoshamanic Music
Homeless in Alaska
Thursday's Yardening
Wednesday Yardening
Bulbs to Plant
Good News

The next Poetry Fishbowl will be on Tuesday, October 4 with a theme of "monsters." I hope to see you then!

Poetry in Microfunding:
"Holding Hope and Love" belongs to Polychrome Heroics.  Cheersquad gives Zima some ideas for helping Lakia.  "A Hope and a Promise" belongs to Polychrome Heroics.  Aidan and Saraphina wrap up in the Wood Room.  "Bearers of Witness with Justice" is now complete.  See the Japanese whalers get what they've got coming!  This means there's an open slot for the Tuesday fishbowl, in case anyone wants to launch a new epic.

Torn World writing update:
Approved as canon: "Unicorns on Parade" "Spruce Deer" "Wandering the Heights" (poetry).  Back to me for edits: "Winterheart" (parts 2-3), "Stinging Like Nettles"  "Off the Clock" (poetry).  Currently in front of the canon board: "Ghost Bat" (nonfiction). Drafted: "Like Ash Before the Wind," "From Dark to Bright," "The Inappropriate But Useful Disposal of Lettuce" "A Thin Red Trail" (fiction), "Changes in the Wind" (poetry), "Southern Breads" "Tangleweed Article" (articles), Jularei (character sheet).  In revision at home: "Water Dance," "When the Wind's Teeth Sing," "Raining Kittens," "Finding the Holes," "Broken Hopes," "Brewing Beauty," "Little Paws in the Licenses" (fiction), "The Smallest Invaders," "Raising the Future" "Beach Pies" "Unsolid Ground" "Riding from the Rescue" "To Ride Death" (poetry), "Rammer" (nonfiction).  Currently writing: "Catch of the Day," "A Cold Clear Night" (fiction).

The weather has been has been cooler, and we got several days of rain.  Today was lovely.  Currently blooming: petunias, marigolds, million bells, morning glories, chicory, frost asters, goldenrod.  Something tiny and purple in the wildflower garden that might be another aster.  Hazelnuts have green fruit.  Some of the crabapples are ripe now.  Black walnuts are dropping green balls everywhere, and the ones on the ground are turning brown.  I keep seeing squirrels running around to bury them.  Some leaves are starting to fall.  Farmers are harvesting corn and soybeans in the fields.
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