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Sunday Yardening

Today I planted 15 Mixed Snow Crocus, 18 Early Snow Glories, and the remains of the 18 Early Stardrift that got rained out previously.  Those went in the wildflower garden.  For the last couple of years, I've been getting more interested in small-bulb wildflowers like these, and stardrift is a recent favorite.

It's warm and sunny today.  Yardening is complicated by swarms of late, hungry mosquitoes.  Also all the weeds are going to seed, so there are lots of prickles.  :/b

EDIT: I can hear a bluejay screaming "Thief! Thief!" somewhere in the yard.  :D  This afternoon I filled the birdfeeders for the first time.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to notice.

Round two of planting bulbs: 12 Blue Grape Hyacinths in the purple/white garden, and 12 Pickwick Crocus divided between there and the rain garden.  That's the last of the birthday bulbs, yay!

Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal
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