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Today's Ramble

We went out to a Krannert show today. Since we had to go out for that, we rolled in a bunch of other things ...

We stopped at a computer store in Champaign-Urbana which refurbishes hardware, Simplified Computers. There we found not only a replacement monitor at a nice price, but also a mouse with ball and cord of the type that best withstands my energy. Yay! I told the very nice geeks that they were heroes and had saved the day. :D So tomorrow's main task is installing the new hardware. Hopefully this should fix the problems.

My partner Doug recalled having seen an African hair-care store, Forever Glamorous, so we went there in search of some stuff. My hair is doing that thing again where it changes texture. Used to be I could get a styling brush through it, but that quit working. It has been tying knots that just don't want to come out. I kind of think I outgrew white-girl hair products a year or so ago. Several rounds of research later, I had tracked down a detangling brush, which works great, and a bottle of detangling spray which is pretty good. I wanted to find some conditioner and maybe shampoo along the same lines, and I had also discovered that static is apparently a thing with nappy hair in general, not just mine, so there are anti-static products. So much win, since my hair's other new trick is cloud lightning which I do not need. Happily I found one of the conditioners on my list and some shampoo. Whereas Wal-Mart's ethnic hair care section is about 2 feet wide, this place had a whole aisle just of the shampoos and conditioners and stuff -- like 30 feet or so. SQUEE. Much to my surprise, the clerks were cheerful and welcoming. I've never had that happen before when I was shopping for ethnic hair supplies; either people have been openly snarky or given me suspicious looks. The only thing I could think of is this might be a shop that gets a lot of mixed-race folks. One of the products I found was for "mixed textures" so it's not like I'm trying to make a precise assessment. (There are also ones for specific curl types.) I'm pleased to discover that not only has the range of products exploded, the backlash to downright dangerous chemicals means that it's easy to find products for natural hair which are made from natural products. Thus if the first things I try don't work, I've got others I can try next. Also new. \o/ Maybe the ladies were just responding to the amount of "oh yay" pouring off me.

Food shopping was also successful. I went out looking for, among other things, live sauerkraut and found that. Two new scores today: World Harvest had fresh dates. These are significantly different than the dried ones. When fully ripe, they are light brown and melting of texture, almost the consistency of thick apple butter. I am not a fan of dates except as an ingredient in certain dishes, but when fresh they're not bad. The less-ripe ones are yellow and crunchy; apparently some people like them that way. Meh, I don't. Doug prefers to wait until the rest of them ripen. So now we know he likes fresh dates as well as dried ones. Then Common Ground had fresh figs. Now I do like dried figs, not alone, but I love fig newtons or fig bars or other such things. It's gotten me casually curious about the ripe ones, and trying ripe dates made me more so. We haven't actually sampled the figs yet, but they're black mission figs. It will be fun to try.

The Krannert show was RUBBERBANDance. They do a fusion between hip-hop and contemporary dance, with some classical elements thrown in. The fusion is particularly ept, as it's not just mixing whole moves but actually blending motifs into the same flow of motion, so it doesn't look spliced together. They danced to a combination of contemporary, drum & bass, and classical music. The first piece remains my favorite because it was lead-and-follow dance in which the partners swapped roles repeatedly, and Lead never grasped hold of Follow but was guiding with a flat hand or fingertips. It was very intimate, and it relied entirely on Follow's ability to maintain a strong enough frame that Lead's direction could carry through without ever pushing or pulling. That was just amazing. It's very much like some of the same-sex dances in Terramagne-America, which makes it easier for me to describe those now. I also admired the really big motions they made in some numbers, a lot of full-body dancing. One dance featured four dancers, two men and two women, and while most of the interaction was M/F there was also some very nice M/M and F/F which makes this basically the only bisexual dance I've seen onstage. :D So for any QUILTBAG folks out there who like to dance and want something other than the het standard for inspiration, definitely check out this troop. I also noticed that they offer lectures and workshops while they are on tour, for folks who want to learn more about their style of dance. Here they are on YouTube.

All in all, a very satisfying day.
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