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The Anarchestra

Here is a video about a man who has invented hundreds of musical instruments.  Each is a one-of-a-kind creation.  Some mimic standard instruments, while others are completely unique.  He presents the Anarchestra as a public, interactive art show.  People can go in and just jam on the instruments.  Because the instruments are unique, that discourages the tendency to say, "Oh, I don't know how to play that."

In Terramagne, there are lots of gizmologists like this.  Most towns have at least one tinker who just loves to make stuff.  It could be anything -- musical instruments, tools, baby toys, buttons, circus trees, cycles -- done as a hobby or a profession.  Because most people make enough money to live on, there are many more folks who have hobbies, and people who want more than one job are much more likely to make the second one a passion job.  Towns take pride in their creative folks, like the Real Live Writers in Bluehill.  They get a kick out of telling out-of-town guests about the cool dude who makes one-off playground equipment or whatever.  

When people here try to imagine what it would look like if people didn't have to work themselves to the bone just to survive, well, it looks a lot like this.  You have these guys everywhere doing cool shit you would never have thought of, and they're happy to share it with other folks.
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