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Update on Half-Price Sale in Polychrome Heroics

I am partway through the big batch of stuff to post from LJ user Daisiesrockalot.

Meanwhile, a reader comment alerted me that I missed listing several poems, which have now been added to the sale page. These are:

"Through Infirmity of the Flesh"
Summary: Mr. Vanburen returns to find the prison unsettled after Warden Daley's harassment of Shiv, and then Jimar gets sick.
286 lines, was $143, sale price $71.50

"Good-for-Nothing Thoughts"
Summary: Shiv reacts to Warden Daley's harassment, and Mr. Vanburen escorts him to speak with the prison's Safety Officer. On the way there, they overhear an argument in the warden's office which stresses Shiv even more.
610 lines, was $305, sale price $152.50
Available for posting after "Through Infirmity of the Flesh" has been sponsored and published.

"The Vindication of Right"
Summary: Warden Daley reaps the consequences of his poor decisions.
275 lines, was $137.50, sale price $68.75

"To Suffer the Selfishness"
Summary: Dr. Bloch decides that since previous measures to discourage drug smuggling and abuse have failed, it's time to try a different approach. The Peckerwoods learn that he really is not a safe person to piss off.
620 lines, was $310, sale price $155
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