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Fans and Creators

Here's an interesting discussion about the relationship between fans and creators

My thoughts:

1) Without creators, there would be no content.  Somebody has to make this stuff, and it's a lot more work than merely coming up with an idea.  Fans should respect the hard work that creators do.

2) Without fans, there would be no market.  A creator without an audience is just a hobbyist.  Creators should respect the investment of time, money, and energy that fans make through consuming entertainment.

3) There are many different ways to produce and consume entertainment; what consenting adults do is up to them.  For sake of everyone's sanity, however, people should be clear about what they are doing and what they want.  Creators and fans who wish to interact should do so, and communicate to established desired parameters.  Crowdfunding, for example, is a high-feedback approach to making fun stuff.  Creators and fans who do not wish to interact should not be pressured to do so; boundary violations cause problems. 

4) Most of the problems described in the article come from a lack of respect whether that's in society, creators, fans, or frequently all of those.  Which brings us to Wheaton's Law: Don't be a dick.

5) I love crowdfunding partly because of  the difference in opinions.  Yes, it can get fractious at times.  I try to be patient with that, because it also goes to places I'd probably never find on my own.  My fans routinely spot things I've included, because my holographic observation picks up and records things I haven't paid close enough attention to that I noticed the details yet, but when pointed out, there it is.  Case in point, Shiv's history of sexual abuse; I had known that he had a rough past, but it was a reader who spotted that specific detail.  The signs were already there.  For another example, discussions of the relationship between Calliope and Vagary have brought up fascinating points about interpersonal violence, transness, appropriate force, responsibility, what therapy is for -- all kinds of stuff.  When I started the arc between those two characters, I had no firm expectations for how it would go; the developments have come from readers who want to see various things.  If that means a certain amount of tugging back and forth, it's cool, because I think that often mimics the way things go in real life when people have mixed feelings.
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