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Poem: "The Science of Nature"

This poem is spillover from the August 2, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by Shirley Barrette.

"The Science of Nature"

Nature is made of science,
patterns appearing in
unexpected places.

It's there in the fractal designs
of leaf veins and river deltas,
the reflections of ink drop
and mushroom cloud.

The golden spiral appears
in seashells and hurricanes
and spiral galaxies.

The Fibonacci sequence
describes the shape of
pinecones and sunflowers.

The universe itself is
a hologram, each part holding
the pattern of the whole.

Divinity and sentience are
two sides of a binary, fractal,
self-replicating algorithm looking
at itself in the mirror of its own eyes.

The science of nature
is thus the essence of it,
the code that renders
reality as we know it.

* * *


Fractals are repeating geometric shapes, often found in nature. They have even been described as divine.

Branching fractals define such shapes as the veins of a leaf and the delta of a river.

The golden spiral appears in things like seashells and galaxies.

The Fibonacci sequence provides efficient organization of small shapes into larger figures, such as pinecones or flowerheads.

In a holographic universe, each part contains the pattern of the whole.
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