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Saturday Yardening

Today I cut two wheelbarrows of tall weeds from the south lot, clearing space to mow more of that.  This will open access to the volunteer maple tree that needs to be cut out of the hedge.  The tree guys are coming on Tuesday, hopefully at noon like they said, to take care of that.  Our old internet company was bought out by AT&T, which is behaving like a bull in a china shop, so my partner Doug spent the last month finding a replacement for internet and phone service.  They don't use the same towers, though, so had trouble getting a signal.  Fortunately that tree was meant for removal already, just at a later time.

I saw a hummingbird investigating the flowers in the barrel garden.  He immediately flew away again, but I got to see him.  I like hummingbirds.  They're like flying jewels.  :D  With Super-Speed as an ordinary species ability.

Round two: I picked a few blackberries.  Then I sprayed poison ivy and resprouting brush.
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