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New Species of Whale

My partner Doug tipped me to this article about a new species of whale.  

Some extrapolations I can make from available data:

* It is probably not very common, or we would have seen it sooner and more often.  Protection is advisable unless proof of large numbers emerges after further study.

* It probably lives where humans rarely go.  There are few humans in the far north, for example, while whales are fond of feeding in cold waters.  One was found in Alaska.  Beaked whales are also rare in the Pacific, which is large, and they favor deep water.  If these whales spend a lot of time in that territory, it would reduce opportunities for contact. Conversely, several have washed up in Japan, which is higher traffic for humans, and popular as breeding/calving territory for whales.

*  It may be in trouble.  We're finding dead ones.  If human activities (such as underwater noise or oil drilling) or side effects (such as global warming) have made this whale's natural environment less hospitable, then it makes sense they would move elsewhere and that some of them would die.
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