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Climate Swings

Scientists are again surprised by how fast and how much the climate is changing. 

Look guys, Gaia is like an elephant.  She is big and therefore usually moves slowly.  That doesn't mean she can't  move fast. She can and will trample your ass once she gets going.  Right now, she's going, and she's still speeding up.  She can switch modes within a single human lifespan.  Doesn't happen often, but it can happen.  So just get used to the fact that you cannot predict this.  You are going to underestimate stuff, and as soon as you plug in new data, it will be outdated by something else she's doing.  It is going to keep happening faster than you think, because you don't understand all the variables and also you are very small while Gaia is very large. 
Tags: nature, news, science
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