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Unsold Poems from the July 19, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl

The following poems from the July 19, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl are currently available. Poems may be sponsored via PayPal -- there's a permanent donation button on my LiveJournal profile page -- or you can write to me and discuss other methods.

There are still verses left in the linkback poems "The Tornado Blew Away," "Unfamiliar Feelings," and "Tour Guides for All of Knowledge."  Linking to this page will reveal new verses in whichever poem you request.

"A Life by What We Give"
Your creamsicle prompt inspired the free-verse poem "A Life by What We Give." Ansel introduces Turq and Skippy. There is frolicking at the skatepark, and then delicious food. A little angst, because of their respective life challenges, but mostly fluff.
444 lines, Buy It Now = $222

"Let's do something fun today,"
Ansel suggested to Turq.

"Like what?" Turq asked.

"The Most Important Asset of Any Library"
A DW prompt about library staff inspired the free-verse poem "The Most Important Asset of Any Library." When Haboob is attacking libraries, and librarians are upset as a result, it is Aston who knows how to deal with the overload.
110 lines, Buy It Now = $55

Aston knows libraries,
and he knows librarians.

He isn't as good with people as
the ones who work the front desks,
but that's all right: he has other skills.

"The Most Serious Occupation of Manhood"
A backchannel prompt inspired the free-verse poem "The Most Serious Occupation of Manhood." Boss White meets Dr. G in person for the first time at Blues Moon, and they talk with Shiv about how he's doing after his release.
532 lines, Buy It Now = $266

Boss White checked his calendar
to confirm the time of Dr. G's first visit.

They had spoken together several times,
and today Boss White looked forward
to meeting the counselor in person

"The Outcome of Vulnerability"
Per your requests for Stan and Lawrence plus fluff, here they are having a very intimate conversation, which is about personal experiences and their futures rather than sex, but Stan being demisexual this is very arousing. It's for a school assignment, which requires some careful finagling from Lawrence so that Stan doesn't freak out over it. They learn a lot about each other. "The Outcome of Vulnerability" is written in free verse.
424 lines, Buy It Now = $212

Stan and Lawrence sat
on the bed in Stan's bedroom,
doing their homework, or trying to.

Lawrence wasn't expecting for
their homework to get so complicated,
but something about it was clearly
tying Stan into knots

"Shiny Little Things"
Your Evil!Schrodinger and Steel prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Shiny Little Things." When a white cat appears on the dock, Steel is happy to help him make a little mischief.
132 lines, Buy It Now = $66

There had been a white cat
on the dock for quite some time
before Steel deigned to go closer
and figure out what was going on.

The cat had been batting around
something small, metallic, and
quite complicated while chanting,
Can you hear me now? over
and over again in his head.

"Tempering the Impact"
As a sequel to "Overheating Elements" I wrote the free-verse poem "Tempering the Impact." Fortressa and Socket have tried ignoring the revelation, which hasn't worked. Now it's time to talk.
248 lines, Buy It Now = $124

Fortressa tried to ignore
the recent revelation about
Socket, really she did.

She had liked the way that
things were, and didn't need it
complicated by sticky emotions.

"To Do the Brave Things"
Your opportunity prompt contributed to the free-verse poem "To Do the Brave Things." Japan responds in unexpected ways to the trial of the whalers, and Steel has to decide on a reply.
214 lines, Buy It Now = $107

Aquariana and Irene were playing
with the whales when a call came through
from the President of the Maldives.

"We're receiving a diplomatic broadcast
from Japan," he told Aquariana. "Put it
on your viewscreen, you need to see this."

"What You Think You Know"
A DW prompt inspired the free-verse poem "What You Think You Know." It's an exploration of Callista adapting to her dizzy spells. I finally got around to writing the introvert party scene. \o/
294 lines, Buy It Now = $147

Callista did her best to adjust
to life with a disability, but
sometimes it was hard.

She liked her new housemates,
some of whom were also
soups with disabilities
* * *

"Meaning Only in Relationship"
I'm glad you're getting such a kick out of Cal and Vagary! :D "Meaning Only in Relationship" follows up as they do the paperwork together to start couples counseling. Gods know they need it. This poem is written in free verse.
110 lines, Buy It Now = $55

To Calliope's considerable surprise,
Vagary did all the work required for them
to start couples counseling. He identified
the community clinics and private offices,
browsed websites, checked references,
and ultimately presented her with a list
of the top three possibilities.
"The Pattern for the Future"
Continuing the storyline with Calliope and Vagary is the free-verse poem "The Pattern for the Future." Their first therapy session is rocky but worthwhile. This? This is why Terramagne does not have asylums overflowing with psychotic soups or pairs of nemeses routinely trying to tear the planet in half between them like a divorced couple fighting over the dog.
520 lines, Buy It Now = $260

Calliope drove herself and Vagary to
their first counseling appointment. It was
easier now that she had the big brace off
of her hand, only a small splint remaining
to protect the split knuckle on her first finger.
* * *

Your dancing prompt inspired two poems about Cuoio, Chiara, and Salvo.

"An Extension of the Personality" features Cuoio, Chiara, and Salvo dressing up for a community dance.
116 lines, Buy It Now = $58

One nice thing about living in
a Family compound was that
it offered a steady stream
of interesting things to do.

Once a month or so, they
hosted a community dance.
Cuoio and Chiara loved going
to those, and Cuoio invited
Salvo to join them.
"Small Beautiful Bones" follows Cuoio, Chiara, and Salvo as they go dancing. Cuoio meets the bully who made Salvo's early life miserable, and minor mayhem ensues.
360 lines, Buy It Now = $180

The villa at the heart of the compound
was lit by many lanterns, its tall windows
aglow with golden light in the evening
as Cuoio approached with Chiara
and Salvo at his elbows.
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