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Poem: "Kin to the Shadows"

Here is today's freebie. It has been inspired by prompts from [personal profile] shiori_makiba, [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon, and LJ user Moonwolf1988.  It takes place in Quiar, a setting that I designed for K.A. Webb.

"Kin to the Shadows"

I am one who goes between
the night and the day,
the shape and the soul.

Kin to the shadows am I,
like tree-stripes in tall grass.

I wear my power as a cloak of dusk,
hiding my true form from hostile eyes.

When I take up arms, my enemies
see only what I would have them see:
I become large, elephantine, and
then they give me respect.

In that shape I can protect those
who are unable to protect themselves,
lift up burdens beyond my normal strength.

Death is lighter than a feather,
duty heavier than a mountain;
this is the secret of my endurance.

No one needs to know my hidden nature,
my hame of origin, that I am a tiger in truth,

for me to do a tiger's duty to the world.

* * *


In Quiar, tigers are anthropomorphic thylacines.  Most of them possess a lot of magic, and many are shapeshifters.  They use cryptic abilities to survive in a world where two whole continents have tried to wipe them out.

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