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IFF Insects

As the central air is still not fixed, I've been relying on the window unit, so my office is full of bugs.  Buzzing, clicking, flying bugs.  I've been killing the ones that come into reach.  I have very alert motion-sense and fast reflexes.  They've been on high alert for weeks now.

Tonight I reached out to kill something -- and stopped.  I actually had to take a second look at it to realize why  I'd stopped.  It's a lacewing, which is a beneficial insect.

Apparently, the "Identify Friend-Foe" feature in my head is sufficiently permed to block a kill command even when I wasn't consciously paying attention.  I had two automatic routines running in the background while working on a poem, one activated, and the other canceled it.

And people wonder why my wetware is such an energy hog.
Tags: nature, personal, wildlife
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