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Saturday Yardening

Today I noticed that it was so overcast that the morning glories were still open in the afternoon.  :D  I went outside and the grass was wet.  When we started the yardwork, we realized that it was spitting rain.  So I looked up at the sky and said loudly, "We're going to work on the GRASS."  Sometimes doing yardwork -- like washing the car or watering the garden -- can serve as a quick-and-dirty rain spell.   And the rain thickened to a sprinkle.  \o/

We did half the grass pile anyway, removing sticks and hauling away both the grass and the sticks.  Yay, progress!

EDIT: we went back out and finished the grass pile.  

It has continued to sprinkle off and on.  More clouds are showing on the radar, and the forecast calls for rain through Monday.  :D
Tags: gardening, illinois, magic, nature, personal
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