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Progress of the Mangoes

So far I have:

* Excavated a frozen tumbler for the ice cream maker from the deep freeze, with Doug's help.

* Tested the motor on the ice cream maker to ensure that it still works.

* Cut up the two Alphonso mangoes.  Oh, so that's  what all the fuss is about!  :D <3 <3 <3  They are about half the size of the big green-yellow-orange ones I usually buy and pure yellow outside, golden yellow inside.  The pit is much smaller.  ("Is it in there?")  While they are not completely free of fibers, they are much  less fibrous than the big mangoes.  The flavor is very sweet and creamy, mellower and not as sharp.  If you find ordinary mangoes overwhelming, then I highly recommend trying these.  We will see whether their excellent flavor carries over into ice cream.  They are also much easier to hedgehog.  I cut them into tiny dices to minimize frozen rocks in my ice cream.  It was little trouble cutting them off the skin, which was thinner and more flexible, but somehow I didn't have the usual problem of poking the knife through it.  And not once did I have the "butchering two live, struggling mangoes" experience or worry that I was about to slip and cut my hand off.  Did I mention that I love these Alphonso mangoes?  I love these things.  <3 <3 <3 3q 3q 3q :D

I should note that they are said to have a very brief season in late June to early July, so if you want to try them, check your local stores now.

* So now they are sitting in a bowl with a small, indeed merely token, amount of sugar and a teaspoon of lemon juice.  Regrettably we don't seem to have orange-flower water, must restock that, but I found orange extract so I can add a bit of that to the batter later.  I want to wait a little while for the mangoes to break down and release their juice before I make the batter.
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