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Poem: "Life Is in the Little Things"

This poem was sponsored by LJ user Je_reviens based on "the little things" square in my 6-1-16 card for the Cottoncandy Bingo fest.

Life Is in the Little Things

It is not the biggest things,
the brightest or darkest moments
that matter the most.

Life is in the little things,
so easily overlooked, and yet
they make up the hours of our days.

It is walking around the yard
on a summer day to see what
is ripe and what is blooming and
whether the grass needs to be mowed.

Here are tiny tufts of white clover,
the big balls of red, the dainty cups
of Queen Anne's lace nodding regally
as the butterflies float by.

It is going indoors when the sun
gets too hot and sitting down with
magazines to clip out articles that are
thought-provoking or just good for a smile.

There are stamps for marking books
and file folders and cards to be mailed,
pressed onto colorful pads of ink then onto
waiting paper, leaving a perfect impression.

It is making ice cream by hand
with nothing more than milk and cream,
sugar and vanilla, because in a bowl
there are berries waiting patiently to be
poured on top of it, the red strawberries
and purple mulberries sweet from the sun.

It is playing board games with
friends and family, laughing away
the long summer afternoon

and then, in the evening, when
the blue twilight begins to descend,
looking out through the window

to watch the fireflies.

It is these moments which fill up
the photograph albums of our memories,
not with life's greatest achievements,

but with the little things.
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