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Sunday Yardening

Tried to call rain.  Radar shows a whole line of clouds approaching, forecast calls for rain, visible clouds are north of us so far.  I am trying to drag it in this direction, because we really really need rain, and also not to have the wind rip up the yard or house.  Air is heavy.  Water is heavier.

Witch us luck. 

EDIT 5:56 PM: Water is beginning to fall from the sky!  \o/

EDIT 8:33 PM: We got a good rain.  There is a nice puddle at the end of the driveway.  The fireflies are coming out.  And when I walked north of the yard, I could see a bit of rainbow left in the east, after sunset.  :D

Thanks to everyone who helped.
Tags: gardening, illinois, magic, nature, personal
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