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State of the Air Conditioning

The air conditioning portion of the household life support system remains broken, but nearly two weeks of nagging finally  got a response from the repair company.  They promised to come out with a large interim unit that would cool the house and a window unit for my office.  What they brought was only the window unit, but at least my office is now cool and functional.  Why the bloody buggering fuck they could not have done this as soon as they realized it would take more than a day or two to fix, I can only chalk up to some combination of cowardice and stupidity.  But at least I can work again.

I am now attempting to dig my way out from under nearly two weeks worth of backlog.  If you have a project on hold with me and I have not gotten back to it by the end of this week, please ping me again then.  If I am in a foul mood, please don't take that personally but rather attribute it to ~two weeks worth of dealing with other people's rank and widespread incompetence in this and other matters, which has put me in a state of "no spoons, only knives left."

Thank you for your patience.

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