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Half-Price Sale: An Army of One

Too hot to think. Delays and errors likely.

This week, the poetry of An Army of One is on sale for half price.  The sale runs from Monday, June 20 through Sunday, June 26.  This series is sociological science fiction.  It features themes of space exploration, neurovariation, diversity, artificial intelligence, family of choice, cultural evolution, and friendship.  Sale prices range from $10 to $111.  There is are two epics in microfunding at present, so feel free to open another if you wish.

Linkback perk: The following poems have verses left to reveal.  Boost the signal for this half-price sale and tell me which poem you want to extend.
"Unfamiliar Feelings"
"From Silica to Silk"

About characters and storylines: The storylines feature multiple characters, so if you want poems about ONE specific character, look closely.  The thumbnail descriptions here give some indication who features in each poem.  If you need more than what's already visible, you can ask me.

About timing: If you want maximum choice, shop early.  Sometimes people who like a particular character or size of poem will stock up, and that kind may sell out.

Before placing your order, please check this sale page to see what is still unsold! I will try to update the page as things sell, and it's likely to be the case that some poems will be marked SOLD before appearing in posts.  People often buy things in batches, which means that selling gets ahead of posting.  Also sometimes people ask for the same thing at the same time, so that not all overlaps are preventable.  If you have alternate instructions in case you request something that has just sold, please include that in your message; otherwise I'll email you back and ask what you want to do.

Here is a paypal button for you:

Currently available are the following poems in probable series chronological order.

7 poems, was $688, sale price $344

"We Underestimate the Power"
Astin explores jewelry and massage.
218 lines, was $109, sale price $54.50 SOLD

"New Wine in Old Bottles"
Bottleneck receives unexpected visitors.
172 lines, was $86, sale price $43 SOLD

"As Is"
Armelle struggles to adapt to life at Sargasso Base.
386 lines, was $193, sale price $96.50

"The Love We Give Our Fragile Craft"
Bexley meets the Cruiser Falconwing P42.
444 lines, was $222, sale price $111 SOLD

"Thinking River Thoughts"
Sam gets a note from a planetside gardener.
56 lines, was $20, sale price $10

"To See the Air"
Dr. Syden Caermichael needs a way to know the air is working.
106 lines, was $53, sale price $26.50 SOLD

"A Deliberate Scheme"
V and Spalling discuss jewelry and the future of the Lacuna.
184 lines, was $92, sale price $46 SOLD

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