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Crowdfunding Creative Jam

The  [community profile] crowdfunding  Creative Jam will run June 18-19 with a theme of "changing society around the individual."  Drop by Dreamwidth or LiveJournal to leave prompts or claim some.

What I Have Written

A queer prompt contributed to the free-verse poem "Elbow Room." Antimatter and Stalwart Stan deal with a bigot in the park.
210 lines, Buy It Now = $105

First setup for this appears in "Through Infirmity of the Flesh," in which Travis witnesses another piece of fallout from Warden Daley's poor handling of the prison.  Shiv has a brief appearance too, so you can see some of his reaction to recent challenges.
286 lines, Buy It Now = $143

"When You Were Born to Stand Out" is this session's freebie about Quinn.

A prompt from [personal profile] technoshaman has spawned three poems so far.
"Good-for-Nothing Thoughts" takes place the morning after the incident with the experimental manacles, and not long after Jimar's collapse in the cafeteria.  Travis takes Shiv to the prison's Safety Office to discuss the manacles, and on the way there they discover how the warden's foolishness is having serious consequences for him.
610 lines, Buy It Now = $305
"Vindication of Right" happens later the same day, in which the warden finally Gets His.
275 lines, Buy It Now = $137.50
"To Suffer the Selfishness" takes place a day or few later, as Dr. Bloch decides to take a different tack with the imates who keep peddling drugs inside the prison.  The Peckerwoods in particular find out why it's a bad idea to piss him off.
620 lines, Buy It Now = $310

From My Prompts

[personal profile] alatefeline posted a beautiful untitled poem in response to my prompts, using some beautiful metaphors about individuals and society, progress and challenges.
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