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Saturday Yardening

Today's yardening involved moving the last bit of burn barrel off the grass onto the patio, and removing several large piles of grass to the edge of the south lot.

This morning we got up early to attend the dedication ceremony for the Edna Edwards Burnett Land and Water Reserve, courtesy of Grand Prairie Friends.  It was sweltering, but the company was delightful, and this parcel of land is charming. Immediately outside the small mowed gathering area is a stand of oak saplings grown from direct sowing, about 10 years old, which greatly reminded me of The Man Who Planted Trees.  And I heard that one of my poems got printed in the newsletter, which I had somehow managed to miss earlier.  I like the sense of connecting with other earth stewards, and the timebinding.

We met with my parents for lunch.  I got wild boar spaghetti.  That was tasty.  Doug's appetizer was bacon-wrapped dates.  It is fun to try new dishes.

I also just noticed, once again, that my sun tolerance is literally about 5 minutes.  All I did was walk from the car to the pavilion, and car to a few other stops.  And my forearms are just slightly warm and pink, enough to show fingerprints when pressed.  Another 5 minutes outside and I'd be regretting it.  :/  Has to be all from this morning, that was the only direct sun I got.  We didn't do yardwork until dusk, the fireflies were already out.
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