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Sunday Yardening

First round: bought brush killer, a small batch of plants, and some seeds.

Second round: planted two white flowers in the white garden at the end of the driveway.  Planted rosemary in the strip herb garden.  Planted a "beedance" flowers, which is orange and red, beside the barrel garden.  I still have two different colors of pinks to plant in the prairie garden. 

I saw a toad again today, and have been seeing several around the yard this week.  It makes me happy to see the apex predators of my detritus food web.  :D  Which is still 3 days to apex, as each new mulch pile is immediately colonized by fungi, ants, earthworms, pillbugs, centipedes, and toads from the surrounding yard.  BAM!  Ecosystem.  \o/

Third round: I planted pinks in the prairie garden.  6 of them are rosepetal pink with red centers, and 4 of them are fuchsia.  I still have a few blooming from earlier years too.

Fourth round: I watered the newly planted flowers.  Then I planted some bachelor's button and aster seeds in the prairie garden.

It looks like some of the mulberries are ripe.  The first raspberries are turning red.  Green fruit all over the blackberries.  :D
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