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Saturday Yardening

Today is rainy.

I went out to throw grass and clover seed on some bare spots left by tree trimming.  I covered the area around the septic tank, the end of the driveway, and the prairie garden.

Wild strawberries are getting ripe.  I found one in the prairie garden.  :D  Mulberries are getting close.


Round two: transplanted ornamental grass and wildflowers from random places in the yard to the prairie garden and the wildflower garden.  

Found more wild strawberries to eat.  <3

Round three: put the solar-powered flicker lights around the barrel garden.  Put the red flags next to the newly planted tree and shrub seedlings.  Transplanted more wildflowers from the yard to the prairie garden.

Round four: weeded cistern garden around herbs.  Planted basil seeds there.  Pulled more weeds from patio.
Tags: food, gardening, illinois, nature, personal
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