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Poem: "Pillow Talk"

This poem was written outside the regular prompt calls, and fills the "consent is sexy" square in my 6-1-15 card for the June Relationship Bingo fest.  This poem has been sponsored by curiosity.  It belongs to the Cuoio & Chiara thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

This microfunded poem is part of a package bought during the May half-price sale, to be paid on an installment plan.  So it's not seeking donations from other people, and the remaining material will be posted over time.

Warning: This poem contains some intimate topics.  Highlight to read more details, some of which are spoilers.  Cuoio things that talking about feelings and desires is boring. Chiara demonstrates otherwise. Sexy funtimes ensue. It's mostly bedsports and character development. This poem is definitely NSFW. If that's not your thing, you can skip it without missing too much plotty stuff.

Pillow Talk

One thing that Cuoio noticed
about Chiara was that she liked to talk --
and she didn't just babble endlessly about
shoes or makeup or whatever else had
caught her attention, she wanted
to hear his opinions too.

They talked in the car on the way to places.
They talked while sparring in the gym.
They talked with their mentors.
They talked over meals.
They talked in bed.

It helped Cuoio learn about
the Marionettes and how they
differed from the Families he knew.

Chiara took the time to teach him
about the comares and how they worked
so that Cuoio wouldn't screw up
their relationship.

Sometimes that got confusing.

"If sex isn't always  part of the relationship
between a comare and a boss, then how
do people figure out what they're going to do?"
Cuoio wondered, lounging on the bed.

"We talk about it," Chiara said.

"Sounds boring," Cuoio said.
He much preferred to learn by doing,
especially when it came to exploring
a woman's warm and willing body.

"Oh really?" Chiara purred,
a note of challenge in her voice.

Now he'd put his foot in the bucket for sure.

"Do you like going to the movies?" she said.

"Now and then," Cuoio said.

"Solving problems?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, that's my dayjob
and I love it," he said.

"So now I know a little more about you,"
Chiara said. "How do you feel
learning about me?"

"Confused. Excited. Mostly confused,
but I want to do more of it," Cuoio said.

"I excite you," Chiara echoed.
"What else excites you?
Watching the comares spar?"

"Yes, strong women are hot."
It was how they'd met, after all.

"Do you like sexy underwear?"
asked Chiara.

"Sure," Cuoio said, wondering if
they'd go shopping for that next.

"Naked art?" Chiara asked.

Cuoio grinned. "What guy doesn't?"

"There are a few who don't," she said,
rolling onto her side to face him.
"What about cuddling?"

"Yeah, it's not very macho of me,
but I love skin contact," Cuoio admitted.
He could feel the blush flaming over his skin.

"Me too," Chiara said as she
hooked a leg over his. "Kissing?"

"Yes please," Cuoio said,
and she leaned over to deliver.
Her mouth was soft and sweet on his.

Maybe there was something to this
kind of pillow talk after all.

"Wall sex?" she said.

"Oh god yes." Would she lift him?
Now his trousers were too tight.

"Your turn," Chiara said, her breath
puffing warm against his face.
"What do you want to do to me?"

"Treat you right," said Cuoio.
"Dress you up, take you out,
show you off and have a good time.
Figure out how you fit into work."

He didn't want to be crude about it,
whatever his dick was thinking.

"Is that all?" Chiara said, one finger
tracing the points and curves of his beard.

"Kiss every inch of your body," he said.

"Mmm, lovely," she encouraged. "Go on."

"Ride you like a wild horse.
Watch you ride me," he said.

"That sounds like fun," she agreed.

"Touch your breasts, especially,
since you keep them under a sport bra
most of the time," Cuoio said.

She pulled up her top. "Go ahead."

They were small and firm under his hands,
jutting above the muscles of her chest.
"So beautiful," he murmured.

"So handsome," she said,
kneading his shoulders.

If she kept that up, either
he was going to come in his pants
or the pressure against the seams
would leave bruises in delicate places.

"Oh dear, now look what I've done --
bored you to death," Chiara said
as her hand closed over his cock.
"This must be rigor mortis."

Cuoio whimpered. "Not bored!"

"How do you feel about blow jobs?"
Chiara asked, nibbling her way
down the length of his body.

"Please," he begged. "Please ..."

"Oh, goody," said Chiara, and
proceeded to suck his brains out.

The sheer pleasure turned his thoughts
to fuzz, and it took a while for Cuoio
to come back to his body and think
about what just happened.

Chiara still had one hand wrapped
around the base of his cock, and
he couldn't help thinking about how
he'd seen her finger-weave rebar
yet wasn't afraid that she'd hurt him.

She hadn't even hurt his feelings, and
he wasn't used to talking about his feelings,
not to mention some of the past damage
that he had survived, so there were
more than a few sensitive spots.

In his previous experiences,
talking about relationships
typically meant listening to
what he'd done wrong, not
steamy exchanges of ideas
on what to do in bed or
even out on the town.

There had been that one time
he'd gotten bored and lonely enough
to try phone sex, and all right, that
had been sort of interesting, but
he hadn't bothered to do it again.

This was nothing like that.

"You're amazing,"
Cuoio said with feeling.
"That was incredible."

"See? Consent is sexy," Chiara said.

"Yes. You win. Consent is sexy.
Pillow talk is hot. Whatever you say,"
Cuoio babbled. Whatever might
make her do that again some time.

Chiara chuckled warmly against him.
"Don't worry, love, you'll get used to it."

Cuoio devoutly hoped so.
Now that he knew just how good
a relationship like this could get,
he had no intention of giving it up,
no matter how weird it felt at times.

* * *


Both verbal and nonverbal communication are important in relationships.  Learn how to improve communication.

People usually talk about consent only in the context of sexual assault, but there are some resources on making consent sexy.  While some people still find it as mood-killing as a lap full of ice, most can enjoy it when done well, and it greatly improves the chances of a pleasant activity.

Sexy talk is a learned skill.  Here are some dirty questions to ask and a checklist of sexual interests.  This online questionnaire for couples can help identify mutual desires.

Talking about feelings is important for emotional health.  There are many reasons why men tend not to do it. They often use nonverbal methods instead.  For romance, you need to learn how to talk about your emotions. Here are some ways to express what you feel.

Finger-weaving is a traditional fibercraft normally done with yarn.  People with Super-Strength often use iron or other metals to practice their finesse and dexterity.  Here are some patterns.

Positive reinforcement is a type of operant conditioning that uses rewards to encourage desired behavior.  It's a good relationship skill, so learn how to do it.

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