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Thursday's Yardening

This afternoon we went shopping at an Amish salvage store and then a bakery.  Among the finds were organic tomato paste, barbecue sauce, several pounds of grass-fed ground beef, and a loaf of challah; then strawberry bread, snickerdoodles, and apple butter.  \o/  It was nice to go somewhere the people smile and chat with customers because they're not rushing to get away, and there are flower gardens everywhere.

For yardening, I picked up a bucket full of broken glass from around the southwest corner of the house where the bushes were removed. 

EDIT: For the second round, I put the broken glass in a box to throw away.  Then I raked dead stems from the patch of ornamental grass beside the barrel garden, put them in the wheelbarrow, and helped Doug take them to the firepit.
Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal
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