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Poke a Bigot in the Eye: "Captain Hydra"

I have decided that it's time for another round of "Poke a Bigot in the Eye." This time, it was inspired by Marvel declaring that Captain America is a Hydra agent, which I mentioned recently.

Possible Responses ...

* Sign a petition (or launch your own) to ask Marvel to cancel the Captain Hydra storyline.  Here's one on Change.org, which a fan tipped me to and I have signed.  If you know of any others, tell me and I'll add them.

* Post a negative review of the offending issue. Quote from it to let the creators hang themselves with their own material. Another option is to cite people who have been hurt by it.

* Boycott the *HYDRA!Steve Rogers stuff. You might also write a letter to Marvel explaining why and/or post about it so your friends know. If you're really steamed, widen it to all products by these creators and/or all Marvel products. You can do this temporarily or permanently.

* Buy something else which features an Unsullied Hero. Ask for that in crowdfunding. In a time when the mainstream is trying to take away heroes by dragging the best and brightest through the mud, look for ways to reward creators who are NOT doing that but instead are upholding what real heroes are.

* List your favorite Captain America canon or fanfic for other people to enjoy. "Glass Houses" is a nice one.


* List other things by/about Jewish authors, characters, or motifs. Remember that many of the Golden Age creators were Jewish and that played heavily into the content they created. Ben Grimm "The Thing" is one of my favorite characters.

* Visit the Beit Hashoah.

* Do a little tikkun olam by making a donation to Jewish charities. Anti-bullying organizations would also suit. I'm partial to Teaching Tolerance, run by the Southern Poverty Law Center. You might set the amount to the cost of a Marvel comic book or movie, and include a note both to the charity and to Marvel why you are doing this.

* Write something new. You can do a fixit of Captain Hydra, or something original with Jewish characters, or superheroes who are actually heroic, or whatever you like. I wrote "Rotten Fruit."

* Mention any of your own work that ties into this.  Stalwart Stan is one of my Unsullied Heroes, and I'm starting to suspect that Officer Pink may be too.  Both of them are heck on bullies.  "The Tallest Poppy" is about bullying and how Savoir Faire interrupts it.  Deborah Blum is Jewish, introduced in "Shaken," which also features excellent EFA.  A couple of characters in Cassandra's series, Yona Carris and Rachael Banigan, are Jewish.  Clay of Life is a Jewish series listed on my Serial Poetry page.

* Post your opinion about what makes a hero and what makes a villain. Write your personal code of ethics.

* Read about real life superheroes. It doesn't take extraordinary abilities to make a superhero, just extraordinary compassion.

* Learn a relevant skill. When hurtful things happen, it helps to know emotional first aid for yourself and for others. Here are some good grounding exercises. You might want to learn how to write or draw comics and design characters so you can make your own. Don't think you have the talent for it? *looks down* Dude, that bar is lying on the ground right now. Just step over it.

I'd Really Rather You Didn't ...

* Burn the comic books. Nazis and HYDRA burn books. This never ends well. Do not use the tactics of tyrants to oppose them. Instead, evade their attack and make a lateral strike against their core objectives. See above for ideas.

* Devolve into rants. This argument is about decency. The cleaner you can keep it, the better. I have already muffed this a bit; maybe you'll do better.

What have you done? What else have you read on this topic? What are some other ideas?
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