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Monday Yardening

Today I went back out with the stump killer.  I remembered to get a rag to brush sawdust off the stumps, and gloves to protect my hands.  I did the stumps around the septic tank and the ones around the parking lot. 


Second round: started killing stumps in the prairie garden.  I worked around the south edge and some in the middle, then moved partway up the north side.  There is still a lot left to do in the north though.

Third round: New! Improved! Now with giant clouds of biting bugs!  >_<  I use Deep Woods Off with deet on my clothes, a milder chemical spray on my skin, and that discourages ticks and mosquitoes.  It does not affect flies, so when those showed up today I added the herbal oil which discourages them.  Total effect on biting gnats: zero.  *snort, stomp feet*  However, I did manage to finish killing the big patch of stumps on the north edge of the prairie garden.  I think that is everything.

I really, really hope this stump killing stuff proves effective.
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