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Saturday Yardening

Is mostly being done by a crew of tree guys, who are making fantastic progress.  Our part is just occasionally walking around to supervise and give further input. 

EDIT: The tree guys are done and gone.  They finished both items on our required list, everything on the urgent list, and one on the would-be-nice list.  For the price originally quoted to do the two required items.  \o/  Also they were very insightful about interpreting things I would want.  I love working with people who realize that I understand their profession quite well, just lack the body and equipment for doing the actual work.  So now all the limbs are away from the house and driveway, and a lot of brush has got cleared away so there is more sunlight.  Also I have another mulch pile approximately the size of a car.  :D
Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal
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