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Tuesday Yardening

First round: Jumpstarted lawnmower so Doug could mow lawn.

First-and-a-half round: A few minutes later, pushed lawnmower back to reattach it to car and leave charging for a while.  After lunch, restarted lawnmower for more mowing.

Second round: Pushed stalled mower from south lot to driveway.



Third round: Removed some of the dead branches blocking the north entrance to the ritual meadow.  Cut down some of the weeds in the old mulch pile.  Trimmed around the corkscrew willow between the house yard and the south lot.

Fourth round: Went out to jumpstart mower again.  Front grill fell off.  Fucked around trying to put that back on, gave up, threw it in car.  Got mower started, engaged mowing deck, mower died.  Determined that the problem was jammed blade(s).

By that time it was too dark for any other yardwork.

This is why technology and I are not friends.
Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal
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